Since the band split in November, many of you are probably wondering what the members are up to, now. Well, Paul and Jess decided to continue to try to build on the good work they did with Black Cat Bone, and to that end recruited a young bass player in the form of Matt Dingle to cover the low notes. Named "Just Got Paid", this new three piece is set to carry the blues/rock torch at least as successfully as BCB. Keep up to date with them on their FaceBook page:

In the mean time, Age has been recruited by long time classic rockers Metal Fatigue, to cover the low notes following the resignation of their long term bass player, Rick. You can find out what they are up to via :

Age is also in the process of putting together a more experimental outfit based on a mixture of hard rock and electronica - watch this space.

So, as you can see, the boys have not been idle and you can catch both Metal Fatigue and Just Got Paid at Guitars 4 Life III (at the Bridge on Wool, Wadebridge on 25th May) and on the main stage at The Million in 10 Rally at Calstock on 1st August.

Keep Rockin'!